Mask & Calling


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released November 7, 2017


all rights reserved



PERFVGIVM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Rev. Joshua N. Sullivan.

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Track Name: Born of weather
born of weather chain man boy am I low
born up a channel man o Beth’ bellow
out in a wild world for more

born outta Cain’s man, that place won’t do
time to land her, who? my love, and you
Track Name: Words of gold
hit em again now I oo my old friends
borderline crying I know walls are trialled

hey man buggy is my chime am I out of eyes bald (very nice)

can’t relax oo wise why oo why in my life?

better I says, what a chime, but I’ll go alone
better far aways and my got a rollin’ over better get alone
what I can’t change without my ways now go
what outside can’t change? what I contain: my words of gold
Track Name: Metonym, met a God
met a mole, met a boy, meta time when I was below, oh no
met my boys, and will they change, she said why walk, and I went: why not?
met up a bowl, met up a change and what up her good, and get up her name, a silly role

metaphor, met a bone, met a child, and I met a name
met a prayer, met a man, I met a job, and I met a god below, above
below, above, well
Track Name: Break the bread of my life
hello kid-lins, now, let me get my lazy down, no more child than am I
holy roller: get her bruise, get her mile, get her gem: I feel alive
get a damn, got a worst at a time, hm, break the bread of my life
hallelujah crazy bitches fall apart, now I mused so good, mama, changed my life and changed my heart

you know me girl, I know my self, none of this BO crap, we’re gonna change you to bible christ

hello mister, get my in chance, when you move it really lie
holy rover, get a land get a line read me a sign from God alone
fuck the child that he sold along, go to hell and get above, God I bust my gut out loud
you know wasted time, you’re good at losing time, maybe I’ll waste my role: fool alarm!

you know me god, I’m not a fool, not gonna waste my time, don’t fool me bible style
you know me guys, I’m feeling really good, no, I’m gonna kill my life, gonna kill it for that bible christ
Track Name: We prepare it this way
get going
how long
and see where it goes
Track Name: Chains
my love my loop, mark it over,
my love, love chains, that old that old
gets stamps from you, then my love
might get loose, out of the womb

I left my hope by the gull, oh no
it said my general note, if I go so low, hallelu-
if that’s my leg, then I get raised
then I’m out of the loom,
better get time alone
many more friends might talk
militant, get my lily white joe, oh
Track Name: Hey metaxu
hey metaxu more than my gold
go between my jazz alone
baby took my god
they’s between, back and alone,

hey, bitter friend, my chains is gone
claimed and chained my leg is gone
fools’ man, might make it good
oo, more than my luck

babe you’re here again, out and sittin’ in
aw till I come
then we send me down the river falls, my river falls

who can chain my megaphone?
halfway dead my eyes alone
easter cheat, no, and that smooths that down
whoa, go crack it out
Track Name: No one was singing
give my west haven madman, hm, 6 days to move
give that haven day to when you know you shouldn’t know
kiss my little legs, now work it simple and good
out on the corner,

give me love again,
so I can really hold
the love of chattel, love of dirt, nightingales
no one was singing and the damage was did
I did, oo, whoo, sing it

they changed my change
changed my head
changed my toes
changed my title
might lay on more dirt
mm, to get a world
Track Name: East nor west nor south nor my memory
bottles and chains man, man I say
only trains’ll get up man man man
easy mover
it’s been well and the ways get away outta chains oo

bottles of beers, oh man dead world
pools of religions
man I bet they say I won’t get better or better been saved ah no oh well

keep me below it’s bread for them and get her alone, hmm

get both of us, ma, I don’t care
lay low, lay lower, lay lowest

all the same then,
well both has headin on you

broke both our chains, man whizzin with the girl I love
pools of bad dogs I guess sapphire love now both our zeds
east nor west nor south nor my memory

it’s the weather change man, mm
just gettin my love, gettin outta chains, both oh oo of us
all feelins are gettin low, hmm hmm hmm
Track Name: Down low, Hosannah
nails are marveling needs to fool my grand out and chamborg
angels praise my grandstand on melvin-hand down around
down low hosannah,
she's tried, might wrap piles and oh hosannah
between the cracks that hold

as to flee my own boot got that muddy get alone ah shit
I would pale just to tell
alas, the team don’t know where could he be
still many runs, many years
fool! that’s the gal you’re to tell,
I said friezes of metals and get now,
but first where did he say to belong?
my leave, oo,
all the chains of our ghost and flat

make me chain me while I chain with streams I find all of the love out alone
really good shadow, my lazy fellow, that yellow mood now, fresh downtown
boy, get it in champagne style, everything broken piles alone I'm craving that kind of a child
but fool like the given, ever take the blanket of a simpleton saint? and both between me before I leave,
leave me on a lovely field of orchids
Track Name: Marigold
cold fever like a chicken lung
beat someone’s to tailgate ghost
beat moments the hat below
get shaming I live Maddy but get old

deep moments mouth it out
deep chimney I get my lout
deep pool in fill gin
be charmed by get faddles

mm, it’s a joke

don’t feed me now I’m marigold
now pulverized I’m old
my mama can’t share my loads
antennae on telephone and now,


more leemin I’ll tell my gold
be samin I’m very good
change my life I gotta go
more famine Imma let it sew, mm now

cold fever like a chicken lung
beat someone’s to tailgate ghost
beat moments the hat below
get shaming I live Maddy but get old
Track Name: Acid girl elec
well I guess you make me feel that gall
feel the wall and a baby’s sight
plenty of cold bone bet she could
been outta town and in my world

me and the girl don’t mess around
we’re gonna beat that chair and we’re gonna fiddle around
and do all all al all, my girl

whorehouse girl made me feel alone (real ill)
put Ophelia and put off the call
anyway that wait is good
I want a coat, I want to leave alone

me and that girl don’t mess around
gonna beat that chair and gonna widdle it down
said who walls in water in my girl?
more than words

any skin, put up
bring out food and lid my little
go to town itty-bitty soul
come on our love please show em

me and that girl don’t mess around
we’re gonna hit the town and we’re gonna feel all right
now two more fall, sifting living color, my girl
Track Name: Graving double fast
I said, o Lord Jesus give me something fast
said, well, o Lord Jesus my god we’re graving double fast
said, chain my windows, gonna find my captain's town
said, wished my way, gettin’ out below the dome

o, o Lord can’t you change my whale?
he’s not came in, I broke my self

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